Analytica is a psychology practice specializing in individualized personality assessments.
We help identify unique potential that drives sustainable growth.


Personality is a key success factor in leadership and complex roles. It influences our ability to relate to others, handle complexity and make constructive use of feedback. Organizational sustainability depends largely on how well such abilities are managed by the individuals who make up your organization.

Analytica’s assessments will help you invest in individuals with whom you can build sustainable success. We identify key aspects of personality such as relational skills, analytical agility and emotion regulation; our unique strength lies in the ability to predict what impact stress will have on personality. Beyond contributing to your bases for decisions, our assessments provide an excellent foundation for personal and organizational growth.

“People are complicated. But their intricacies are not random”
Nancy McWilliams

Our assessments can be used in selection and investments,
in career counselling, as a second opinion, or in evaluations of talent and leadership potential. We use multi-methods to increase the predictive validity of our analyses and include performance based tests to explore themes for a deeper understanding of a personality. All tests are analyzed in-house ensuring cohesive analyses and the questions that underlie the assessment are answered in concise and jargon-free feedback.


We advise and coach individuals and organizations in the private sector. Our model of coaching is semi-structured, sharing the values, and using some techniques, of Collaborative / Therapeutic Assessment. When working with teams we collaborate within a network of licensed psychologists to find a solution best suited to your needs and requirements. Please contact us for more information.

At Analytica we maintain and expand our expertise through participation in international training and research societies. As licensed psychologists, we observe and follow the guidelines of Swedish Psychology Association. All data is held securely and treated with the strictest confidentiality.


We are psychologists and we love to analyze. Personalities, with their intricacies and paradoxes, is the most rewarding area of all. Because when we understand the motivational forces of our personality and truly embrace individuality, that is also when we are open to other people’s unique potential and collaborations can reach whole new levels.

Analytica’s vision is to bring the best of personality assessments to your strategic advantage.

Portrait of Carin

Carin Warnoff, Licensed Psychologist

My experience ranges from assessments and therapeutic interventions of children and adults to research within the field of psychoneuroimmunology. I specialize in individualized personality assessments. I have studied and worked abroad for many years and speak Swedish, English and French.

Member of Swedish Psychology Association, Therapeutic Assessment Institute and Society for Personality Assessment.

Västra Trädgårdsgatan 15
111 53 Stockholm